”Sunny” white household garbage bag

Table cloth

White household garbage bag(31/pk)

Garbage bin

”Greenie” oxo-biodegradable bag

Wrapping bag

Black garbage bag

Transparent bag

Biodegradable bag

Clinical waste bag

Vacuum bag

Umbrella bag & stand

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·    Thickness from 0.035mm to 0.15mm

·    Width from 24”to 55”

·    Length from 36”to  68”

·    More than 50 different thickness, size and colour standby goods at our warehouse



·    High quality white household garbage bags 24”x 24”

·    Best use for household and office bins

·    Packing: 100pcs/pack, 4,000pcs per sack

·    Available at any time



·    Thickness from 0.01mm to 0.03mm

·    Width from 20” to 32”

·    Length from 20” to 40”

·    Packing: 31pcs per pack

·    Available at any time



·    High quality green oxo-biodegradable garbage bags 24” x 24”

·    31pcs per pack, 50packs per carton box

·    Best use for household and office bins

·    Available at any time



·    High quality prime resin used

·    Tailor made in different size, thickness and color

·    Individual printing for warnings

·    Printing plates available to save your one-off cost



·    Bio-based resins used

·    Completely biodegradable and compostable

·    Passed EN13432, ASTM-D6400, ISO14855 and HS2001 testings

·    Do not contain any conventional plastics such as PE or PP.



·    Food grade prime resin used

·    Three different sizes available for choose

·    Available at any time



·    Four different sizes to fit different needs

·    Available at any time



·    12.5L best use for office

·    90L best use for residential

·    120L, 240L, 660L

·    Available in different colour

·    Separate lids available for replacement



·    Food grade prime resins used

·    PE/PP or NYLON/PP co-lamination

·    Low gas permeability

·    Allow for long time food preservation

·    Can tailor made to meet specific requirements




·    PP or PO standard sizes available

·    Can tailor made to meet specific requirements

·    Allow for individual printing



·    Different types available for choose

·    Tailor made umbrella bags available to fit different types of machines

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