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EnbioMat, first launched in 2005, is the name for Environmentally Biodegradable Materials developed by EBM Biodegradable Materials Limited (EBM). EBM is a private company incorporated in HK with a pellet production line in Dongguan, China.

EnbioMat is not an oxo-degradable additive, not a master batch for mixing with PE but a fully certified completely compostable and fully biodegradable during composting pellet composed of annually renewable raw materials and is specifically formulated to meet the strictest requirements by ASTM D6400-04 (USA), EN13432 (EU), ISO14855 ( Int'l), GB/T 19277 (China) & HS2001 (HK) for biodegradability and compostability. It biodegrades directly within a few weeks upon exposure to certain factors present in the natural environment such as soil or compost, and leaves no toxic residues.  EnbioMat has been certified by OK Compost and BPI as a fully biodegradable and compostable raw material.

Bags made of 100% EnbioMat contains physical properties similar to PE bags to allow it to be used for industrial packaging, as carrier bags for shopping, and bin liners for waste disposal.  However, a EnbioMat bag can be returned to the environment in the same way as any natural occurring substances such as vegetables, leaves, crops and grasses.

Made of annually renewable raw materials, EnbioMat is a sustainable product and contributes to conserving natural resources.