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The biodegradability and compostability of

EnbioMat have been measured according to HS2001.


·         According to HS2001 - "Testing Guideline on the Degradability and Food Safety of Containers and Bags", published by the Environmental Protection Department ("EPD") of the HKSAR, the biodegradability rate should be >=60% in 180 days.

·         As shown above, EnbioMat's biodegradability rate is well above the Standard's requirement and has exceeded the biodegradability rate than pure cellulose in the same testing period and condition.

·         It proved that EnbioMat is a fully biodegradable material because pure cellulose is a fully biodegradable material.

EnbioMat has met and exceeded the above strictest testing requirements.


Click here for an extract of the testing report.